A child’s first step into nursery is also a first step to independence, at Little Details Nursery our goal is to encourage that independence through educational activities that are fun and stimulating. We want children to leave for their next steps in life well equipped for their journey into the big, wide world!

As a childcare provider we are required to deliver an educational curriculum that meets the government standard of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). This ensures each child understands things like numbers, letters, social skills and reaches specific learning goals ahead of school. We cover the 7 areas of learning in our classrooms and through our curriculum on a daily basis. However, we want children to arrive at school with much more than that.


Play is how children learn. When children play they are testing things out and exploring the world around them; they are expressing themselves, learning to communicate and developing social skills; they are developing their imagination, independence and creativity. At Little Details nursery we encourage children to play at their own pace with things they are interested in, always supported by our highly trained staff. A wide variety of toys, activities and resources is available in each room, suitable for the age group and within easy reach of the children so that they can select what they want to play with and when.

We offer a balanced mixture of child-initiated play, where the child takes the lead and follows their own path, and more structured, adult-led activities which are planned to follow the child’s interest. All our children get plenty of fresh air and exercise, playing in our outdoor learning area which are all fitted with safety surfaces as well as visiting the local parks. At Little Details Nursery our children learn to understand boundaries, to share and to respect each other but also to gain self-esteem so they are well-equipped and confident when the time comes to leave nursery and start school.